You Can Make a Difference Even as a Student


At Ecumenical Retirement Community, we welcome individuals to start making a difference as early as in high school. Here, you can begin to gain great work experience, enjoy the company of great residents (who are worthy of meeting) and earn spending money—all while going to school. Plus, what a great way to collect insight into a possible career path!

Together with our sister communities at Country Meadows Retirement Communities, we offer part-time and as-needed schedules with flexible hours around your classes. We welcome non-traditional students too such as individuals being home-schooled, attending cyber school and returning to school. Above all, we look for individuals who are dependable, motivated, respectful, patient, cheerful and of course enjoy the company of different generations.

We’re hiring, and we’d love for you to consider us for a part-time job or potential career opportunity.

Is there a minimum age to apply?

Yes, 16 years old

For what role(s) can I qualify?

  • For students ages 16-17, we offer Dining Associate (server) opportunities in our dining rooms.
  • Individuals 18 years or older without a high school diploma, GED or active CNA license can consider Dining (server) and Housekeeping positions.
  • Individuals 18 years or older with a high school diploma, GED or active CNA license are eligible for all our entry-level or related positions.
  • If you are at least 17 years old and have an active CNA license, you are eligible for all our entry-level or related positions.

And for all, we provide on-the-job training and mentorships.

What’s the time commitment?

We offer part-time and as-needed (PRN) schedules including evenings, weekends and holidays to accommodate school commitments and breaks.

Can this lead to job advancement?

Absolutely. We want our teams to thrive. We offer career paths in all roles including Dining, Culinary, Personal Care, Housekeeping and Nursing to encourage co-workers to grow, develop and earn increased wages through hands-on experiences. Even more, we post all our positions internally first to give co-workers prime consideration—we love to hire from within!

We have so many success stories of individuals who started as a student and continued their career path after graduation into full-time roles from direct-care to management. This could be you!

Yes, I am interested. Now, how do I apply?

Simply view available opportunities here and apply online.

Where are you located?

We are located in Susquehanna Township, near Paxtang. If still not sure of where our senior living community is, check out our location and consider applying today.


Equal Opportunity Employer


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