Emergency Response Policy

Per Pennsylvania state regulations, retirement communities are required to have CPR-certified co-workers on site 24-hours a day, in personal care and skilled nursing levels of care. In fact, most Ecumenical Retirement Community personal care associates are CPR certified and training opportunities are regularly provided to co-workers. In the event of an emergency, our policy directs co-workers to immediately call 911 and begin appropriate life-saving procedures which may or may not include CPR. Independent Living (IL) is exempt from this requirement; however, per our policy, trained personal care co-workers are directed to respond to provide appropriate emergency response to IL residents.

There is an exception: in some cases a resident may have a Do Not Resuscitate order, also known as a DNR. A DNR is a legal order written by a physician to respect the wishes of the person to not undergo CPR or advanced cardiac life support if his/her heart were to stop or he/she were to stop breathing. A resident with a DNR is asked to wear a medical bracelet stating his/her wishes so procedures such as CPR are not administered. If no bracelet is visible, appropriate life-saving measures will be attempted.

If you have further questions about our policy, please contact us. For information on how to obtain a DNR, speak to the your primary care physician who must initiate the process.

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