Volunteering is in Our DNA

What makes us different than other senior living communities in the area is the emphasis our residents put on volunteering and giving back to their neighborhood and neighbors—it comes second nature to them. We also encourage others to visit our community and work with our residents on a community project (like scouting, school or church groups), activities we are hosting or just helping out in their daily lives.

Volunteering is part of our foundation too. Below is a poem our founder, the late Pennsylvania Governor Leader, wrote in one of his published books of poems, thanking our volunteers and celebrating the spirit of volunteering.


The world is so full of people who say,
“What can I do to be happy today;
Do I share with others or keep it for me?
Shall I make a decision or just wait and see?”

At some point in time, we are bound to observe
That we get out of life just what we deserve;
If we keep on taking and just fail to give,
We are bound to discover it’s a poor way to live.

If we’ll give our love and show our concern
It keeps coming back as quickly we’ll learn;
That life is a circle and good thing come ’round,
As those who have tired it already have found.

So to volunteers here and all over the world,
May all of us here with the voice of a herald,
Say we love you and honor you each day of the year,
And we hope that your life will be full of good cheer.

George M. Leader, 1994

If you are interested in volunteering at Ecumenical Retirement Community, please review the following details and then complete the form below.
  • What is the minimum age to volunteer? 14 years old
  • Is there a minimum commitment of hours? No.
  • When can I volunteer? Depending on your availability and our need, volunteers work as little or as much as you prefer during the day, evenings and/or weekends.
  • In what areas can I volunteer? We will consider your talents, skills and availability to help match you with a great volunteer opportunity. Typically, our volunteers participate in Community Life activities (games, events, recreational programs). However, if you have a particular interest and we have a need, you can volunteer in other ways such as enjoy friendly conversations with residents, play the piano at mealtime, teach a baking class, distribute the mail, etc.
  • Do we allow groups to volunteer together (such as youth groups, scouting troops, high school service clubs, church or civic groups)? Absolutely.
  • Do we issue service hour credits? Yes. If you need hours for community service for a religious program (such as confirmation), school or scouting project, etc., we will be happy to complete the required documentation once the commitment is met. Note: we do not offer community service for a judicial issue.
  • How do I become a volunteer? If you are 18 years or older and plan to volunteer 16+ hours in a year, you will need to complete a volunteer application, in-person interview, background check (paid by us), confidentiality agreement, fire safety tour and orientation packet. If you are under 18, you will need to complete a volunteer application, in-person interview, confidentiality agreement and minor consent form signed by your parent/guardian. If you or your group plan to volunteer fewer than 16 hours, you will need to complete a volunteer application, confidentiality agreement and if younger than 18 years old, a minor consent form by a parent/guardian.

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