Signature Group Fitness Programs

Our fitness programs are offered weekly. Individual exercise programs are available through our fitness team for one-on-one, personalized instruction and encouragement. Group exercise classes promote social interaction while providing structured exercise formats.

Think, Move and Improve

This special class format features strategies to benefit individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders or symptoms by incorporating cognitive challenges with physical tasks and placing emphasis on large movement, vocal projection and facial expression.

Fitness Foundations

Maintain muscle mass, bone density and functional strength through resistance exercises targeting major muscle groups.


We are proud to offer this nationally recognized exercise and wellness program as an official host site for our residents at no additional cost to help them get active, get fit and connect with others.

Energy and Endurance

Boosts stamina and energizes the body and brain through aerobic exercise.

BAM! Balance, Agility, Mobility

Exercises to target balance and agility to keep you on the go and help reduce the risk of falls.

Mind/Body Connection

Nurture the spirit, calm the mind and restore the body with Tai Chi, Yoga and Restorative Stretching.

Support and empowerment through spiritual life

We welcome all religious and cultural backgrounds and embrace an inclusive interfaith approach to spiritual care. We have full-time chaplains who offer pastoral counseling, conduct religious services and are available for residents’ spiritual needs. In addition to the on-campus interfaith religious services, we provide opportunities for residents to attend worship services in the local community.

Fulfillment from purposeful service

No matter their age or abilities, every resident still has much to contribute. Whether giving of their time, experience or talents, we help arrange volunteer opportunities, involve residents in on-campus life and find many ways to connect our residents to share a lifetime of knowledge with others and help make life better for everyone.

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