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February 15, 2016

Wintertime safety is priority #1 at senior living communities

The Senior Care Experts at Ecumenical Retirement Community

As we age, we often lose the enthusiasm we had for falling snow when we were younger and played in it for hours on end. Though we may still appreciate its pretty-as-a-picture beauty, we dread an over-abundance of snow and icy conditions that make walking and driving hazardous.

But seniors residing in an independent living community or a personal care or assisted living facility can relax and enjoy the wintry white a bit more than when they lived elsewhere. That’s because retirement homes, like Ecumenical Retirement Community in Harrisburg, Pa., make the outdoor safety of their residents as much a priority as their indoor safety.

Keeping surfaces clear and safe
We know that in wintertime, members of our senior community still need to go to the grocery store, doctor’s office, church, etc.—and even if they aren’t driving, may want to walk nearby to visit a neighbor. So, with those needs and wants in mind, we remove snow and ice as quickly and completely as we can from roads, parking lots and driveways, as well as sidewalks and steps.

This requires the diligence and hard work of our maintenance staff—de-icing, shoveling, snow blowing and plowing—and they are always ready for whatever weather comes our way. While our outdoor crew makes every effort to clear any build-up of snow and ice from the Ecumenical campus, residents of our retirement community must still take extra care and caution to further safeguard their well-being.

When seniors fall, they can get very sore and often injure joints or break bones. According to the National Council on Aging, of adults over 65 who fall, 25-30 percent suffer a severe injury such as a hip fracture or head injury.

Tips worth remembering
Though many of us have accumulated a lifetime of wisdom, we can all benefit from common-sense reminders from time to time. So, here are some wintertime safety tips for anyone who ventures out into winter’s chill and ice, no matter what their senior living situation may be.

To reduce the risk of falling:
• Assume that all wet, dark areas on pavements are slippery ice patches.
• Wear shoes or boots that provide traction (not smooth soles or heels).
• Use the car for support when entering or exiting it.
• Walk on designated walkways, rather than taking short-cuts.

In addition, you can reduce risk of hypothermia and frostbite by dressing warmly in layers. In frigid temperatures, cover all skin, using a scarf to cover your mouth and protect your lungs.

At our retirement home in Harrisburg, Pa., we put our residents’ safety and health at the top of everything we do during every season. If you are entertaining thoughts of moving to a retirement home, please contact us to request information or schedule a visit. We would be glad to host you so you can see first-hand the services offered to our residents by our caring staff.

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