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October 26, 2015

I see on your website the message, “Bring Your Life with You.” Exactly what does that mean?

The Senior Care Experts at Ecumenical Retirement Community

Most of our residents have chosen Ecumenical Retirement Community because they can enjoy senior living while staying connected to the area where they have lived an active life with family and friends. Ecumenical Retirement Community is located in suburban Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in Susquehanna Township.

These seniors want to maintain a vibrant life close to home, at an affordable cost and with no home maintenance concerns. In Ecumenical, they have found the answer to their wishes. Retirement living at Ecumenical means they can continue to pursue their interests in hobbies, volunteering and church activities within the familiar Harrisburg area.

United by community and purpose
Whether residing in independent living or personal care, our retirees live here with a true feeling of community. This is particularly important to our residents who have been active for many years in various programs within their local areas.

Hobbyists who enjoy activities like playing games or cards, painting, crocheting, bird-watching and gardening find other like-minded enthusiasts and organized programs at Ecumenical. For committed volunteers, we offer an array of opportunities like preparing food for soup kitchens, mentoring school children and planning special events. Sharing a sense of purpose is a unifying factor within the Ecumenical community.

Ecumenical is home
“This is home” and “this feels like home” are common responses when we ask residents how they like living at Ecumenical. They cite the retirement home’s comfortable senior apartments, outdoor beauty, varied activities and meals served here. Knowing what foods our residents like, our chefs purchase local produce and serve favorite dishes like sticky buns and baked corn casserole. Now, that’s home cooking!

We hire staff who enjoy working with and assisting seniors and are united in creating a friendly, family-like atmosphere. Our employees show their respect and admiration for our residents by caring for them as they would their own family members.

The best value
Whether saving or spending, our residents cautiously guard their financial security. In selecting a retirement home, they considered good value to be an essential quality. Knowing they could bring their life with them to an affordable, all-rental senior community sealed the deal for many of them. They were pleased with the services and features they found at Ecumenical and liked that their rental fee included heat, air conditioning, meals, entertainment and transportation. Finding the best value in their own backyard eased the minds of many who were uncertain about making this decision.

If you are looking for a an independent living or personal care retirement community in central Pennsylvania, we hope that you will contact us to learn all that you can about our senior living community at Ecumenical.

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