July 20, 2020

Providing the peace of mind you need for moving into senior living retirement communities

The Senior Care Experts at Ecumenical Retirement Community

As COVID-19 continues to be on the minds of many during the summer months of 2020, senior living retirement communities are doing all they can to provide a safe and peaceful environment for current residents and new residents as well. Ecumenical Retirement Community is no exception. Over the past several months, ERC, along with its sister company, Country Meadows, has been updating policies and procedures to aid in strengthening the senior living experience that residents deserve. From socially distanced visitations and more intensive cleaning protocols to plans for fully re-opening our facilities and welcoming new residents, ERC is working to ensure that every senior looking to enter a senior living retirement community is able to do so safely and with little risk.

Here are several ways that Ecumenical Retirement Community is providing peace of mind to those looking to move into a retirement community.

Keeping our facilities clean and sanitary

In the interest of maintaining cleanliness as a top priority for current and future residents, our executive team has created a Corona Task Force to direct our staff on best practices. Consisting of several experts and people certified in infection control measures, our Task Force is in charge of maintaining PPE levels and instructing our coworkers on how to safely use and discard PPE to limit the spread of any contaminated materials. High-touch areas are sanitized often, and hand-washing stations are set up in several common areas to make it easier for all coworkers to wash hands consistently. Air filters are being changed regularly and our vent systems have been updated with ionization equipment to keep airflow as clean as possible. In addition to all of these updates, as is being practiced in all other senior living retirement communities, it is currently required that residents and staff members wear masks at all possible times.

Staying connected and socialized in senior living retirement communities

It’s of great importance that our residents are able to have social interaction with family and friends. Our coworkers have offered to schedule FaceTime or video chat calls with loved ones for any residents who are new to technology and need extra assistance. The ERC campus has also begun socially distanced group activities once again to further a sense of community. And for any family members looking to visit, In-person visitations are available by appointment. Each scheduled visit can last up to 20 minutes through a modified window where residents are able to see and speak to their guests. Those interested in scheduling a visit with a loved one should call ahead and arrange a time, which can be done on our website.

Continuing our promise of quality care and providing peace of mind

As COVID-19 updates evolve, our management teams will continue to meet daily in order to review all health and safety measures mandated by the state. Our Corona Task Force experts are also actively monitoring announcements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to these precautions, the Task Force is staying connected to executive leaders from all of our sister locations through Country Meadows for updates within our individual campuses.

Our residents throughout our senior living retirement communities are informed on a consistent basis of the precautions being taken for their safety and health through newsletters, emails, or virtual bulletins. The families of our residents can also stay informed through similar forms of contact or by visiting our COVID-19 alerts page on our website. By staying in constant communication with all those we serve, we are confident that we can provide a sense of relief to anyone looking to enter the next stage of their retirement journey during this unique time at Ecumenical Retirement Community.

From residents in independent living who are able to live more freely to those in personal care who need extra assistance, our top priority is ensuring the quality of service and life while on our campus. And through the hard work of our coworkers and executive staff, we are able to confidently provide a safe community for our residents to thrive in.

Ecumenical Retirement Community is a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based retirement community that has been serving the area for over 25 years. For more information on our services, please visit our website. Considered to be one of the best retirement communities in the area, our retirement community focuses on a variety of needs, including memory support, long-term care, and restorative care. We continue to focus on offering options to those looking for affordable retirement communities while ensuring the best senior living experience possible. If you or a loved one are seeking information on retirement communities in Pennsylvania or the Harrisburg area, our staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

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