October 24, 2018

Find the two essentials in a senior living community: quality and affordability

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The Senior Care Experts at Ecumenical Retirement Community

Most central PA families looking for a senior living community for an older family member have two main requirements: it must be affordable for their family and provide excellent care for their loved one.

Families often feel they could never afford a high-quality community offering several senior living care levels. But nearly as often, after a little research, they are pleasantly surprised to discover they were mistaken.

Compare costs and services when considering senior living options

If your family is starting to look for a senior living home, we suggest beginning your research by talking with acquaintances who have made that decision. Also, you can seek solid financial advice from a financial advisor, trust officer or estate attorney, while a realtor can provide a fair market value of your home.

After you have one or more senior living communities in mind, meet with the admissions directors. They can provide you with information on specific benefits and costs, as well as possible financial options to make your retirement living affordable and your decision easier.

Be sure to consider expenses you will eliminate by living in a senior living community. You won’t have to prepare regular meals, do laundry and maintain a property. That’s why many residents of senior living communities find they can eliminate many expenses in their new living situation and have more benefits. We invite you to use our interactive tool to make this comparison easier for you. Living at Ecumenical Retirement Community may cost less than your current living situation.

To find the best retirement communities in central Pennsylvania, you also will want to compare their services. Ask if they offer consultation with dietitians, various therapies (physical, occupational, and speech), round-the-clock access to nursing staff, support groups, salon and spa services, game room, theater and library. Ecumenical provides all of these.

Discover Ecumenical’s low-cost senior living with an abundance of services

Ecumenical Retirement Community in Harrisburg, PA is a non-profit retirement community that was established to provide seniors with an affordable alternative in senior living. Ecumenical offers all-rental, month-to-month apartments with no buy-in and with electricity, heat and air conditioning included. At Ecumenical, you pay a modest entrance fee when you move in, followed by a fixed monthly rent based on your care level and selected living accommodations.

Our all-inclusive monthly service plan includes an apartment, three daily meals, social and volunteer activities, spiritual programs, professional-led fitness activities, housekeeping, maintenance, transportation, laundry and linen services, cable television, computer stations and WiFi.

Accommodations at Ecumenical come in several styles—one-bedroom, studio, and semi-private—and promote a feeling of community and neighborliness. Do you have a pet? No problem. In fact, we welcome pets in all of our senior living options and levels of care.

Perhaps most importantly, Ecumenical employs well-trained health care professionals to attentively care for residents with a range of health issues at all hours of the day or night.

If you’re looking for low-cost senior living at  one of the best retirement communities in the Harrisburg, PA area, we hope you will visit Ecumenical Retirement Community and see our pleasant campus and comfortable senior apartments.

You can find answers to some of your questions on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page, including “What are things I should look for when looking for a retirement living community?” Please contact us for more information on senior living options at Ecumenical or to schedule a visit so we can familiarize you with our full range of services.

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