Seniors embrace new outdoor fitness equipment and walking Life Trail

Thanks to a generous donation from a local hospital, Ecumenical Retirement Community is proud to share a new amenity available to residents, co-workers, neighbors and visitors.

Ecumenical’s Fitness Director, Renee Harlow, guides a resident in using the seated curl outdoor fitness station.

The campus’ outdoor Life Trail features six fitness stations offering exercise equipment providing cardiovascular and strength training exercises while participants enjoy fresh air and nature. Each station also includes an educational component providing information and guidance on health topics such as osteoporosis, arthritis, healthy eating and stress management.

Click to watch a video of residents enjoying the new outdoor fitness equipment with Fitness Director Renee Harlow. 

Fitness stations are placed around the campus, and Ecumenical installed a walking trail which, in its entirety is approximately a half-mile long, dotted with this equipment.

Ecumenical residents and co-workers use the calf stretching outdoor fitness station.

Fitness stations include:

  • Lower body warm-up
  • Hamstring and calf stretch
  • Upper body stretch and strengthen
  • Standing push up
  • Seated curl and back strengthening
  • Forearm rolls

Life Trail maps providing information on steps, distance and exercise equipment are available in campus building lobbies.


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