Ecumenical prepared for major weather events

When major weather events occur such as snow storms, wind and heavy rain, Ecumenical Retirement Community is prepared.

Campus teams create and maintain emergency procedures and response plans, and practice a variety of drills regularly to ensure that residents, co-workers and guests know what to do in the case of an emergency. When severe weather is expected, co-workers review these plans with residents and co-workers and run down checklists to ensure the campus is fully prepared.

  • Ecumenical has back-up generators on-site to maintain core systems such as air conditioning, cooking, refrigeration and care equipment.
  • Arrangements are made with the pharmacy provider for deliveries of medications and medical supplies.
  • Dining Services keeps an ample supply of food and drinking water on hand plus emergency food delivery, if necessary. In these situations, dining services continues meals for residents, but also cooks for all co-workers.

Another consideration is co-workers’ ability to safely travel to and from work. Ecumenical Retirement Community has contingency plans in which some co-workers may stay to assist residents for days at a time. These co-workers will provide support and coverage necessary for other co-workers who are unable to travel to work because of flooded or closed roads, or experience their own weather-related emergencies. Family members can rest assured that their loved ones will continue to receive care and in all likelihood, will notice no difference in staffing than any other day. According to President & CEO Michael Leader, “I’m proud that our co-workers provide above and beyond care for our residents, no matter the weather conditions.”

Keeping campus access open during severe weather is critical to ensure that ambulances and other emergency personnel can reach buildings. “We have an experienced maintenance team whose first priority is to maintain entrance driveways and doorways as well as all emergency exits,” says John Hartmoyer, director of maintenance. “Ecumenical has a game plan to respond to extreme weather situations from checking equipment and supplies to arranging transportation for co-workers who are scheduled to work.”

Leader says, “Our Country Meadows family is looking out for our residents. We will weather this storm together.”

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