Dinosaurs run amuck on campus

Dinosaurs running amuck on campus

In this day and age when people jump from job to job, our organization is blessed to have several long-time co-workers at Ecumenical as well as at our sister company, Country Meadows Retirement Communities.

To honor co-workers, special events were planned at Ecumenical as well as our sister company, Country Meadows Retirement Communities.

As part of our National Assisted Living Week celebrations in September, our organizations honored co-workers—especially the Dinosaurs! When co-workers reach ten years of service, they are inducted into our Dinosaur Club. It is our unique twist to celebrate service.

Why Dinos? Dinosaurs symbolize strength, courage, and bravery — the same characteristics our long-term co-workers share every day. Dino Club represents a Decade of Making an Impact Nurturing Others. Like a dinosaur, they’ve made a lasting impression with their position and purpose which is valued and appreciated by residents and fellow co-workers. They are “dino-mite!”

According to Chairman & CEO, Michael Leader, “Each year our co-workers’ commitment elevates our service and support for our residents even higher, and that will never become extinct.”


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