Co-workers join forces to beautify campus landscape

A dedicated group of co-workers came together with a shared mission to revitalize Ecumenical Retirement Community’s landscape. (Scroll to the bottom for photos showing off the results their hard work.)

Co-workers weed, mulch and add beautiful plants to the campus’ butterfly sanctuary.

The project’s focal point was to revitalize the multi-level pond located next to the new John Rhodes Memorial Pavilion. The crew added a stream extension, creating a new water flow adding peace and tranquility to the pond’s charm.

Adjacent to the pond, co-workers added benches in the pavilion to offer a serene place to rest and enjoy nature. “It is so beautiful, and I love to sit here,” says a resident who brought a book to read while appreciating the beautiful view and sounds of the water.

Co-workers dig in the pond to clean out winter muck and add fresh water and vegetation.

With a commitment to preserving biodiversity, the team also focused on a butterfly sanctuary. Lush flora and vibrant blooms were carefully selected, designed to attract and create a haven for butterflies and other pollinators. The sanctuary serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of coexisting with the natural world.

Going beyond the aesthetics, the project aimed to promote a holistic approach to well-being for residents, co-workers, visitors and neighbors.

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