Campus COVID Experience

While we know COVID-19 measures will continue to be a reality for the near future, now with access to vaccinations, boosters and preventative treatment, as of February 1, 2022, we have transitioned communication to align with our overall infectious diseases policy which states we will communicate illnesses and exposures directly with the resident who is sick/affected as well as his/her POA.

We will continue to contact families directly if their loved one tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed and is eligible for preventative treatment. If visitation is affected per Department of Health guidelines, we will inform all families in the building and/or neighborhood of the temporary alternative plan and post on our visitation page.

Otherwise families are welcome to visit per the current guidelines and recommended safety precautions or take their loved one off campus. Read here for our masking policy for residents, staff and visitors.

Ecumenical has not wavered in our infection control protocols, and our campus team continues to practice safety measures including testing, quarantining and administering preventative treatments when warranted. We continue to follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Please know:

Communication Update: Starting Jan. 1, 2022, Ecumenical Retirement Community will no longer send out weekly updates to announce positive COVID cases on campus. Group notifications will be sent only if visitation is affected. Individual residents and families will be contacted directly by campus staff to discuss possible exposure and/or positive test result.

Notification of health concerns: Our team will contact you directly if they have any health concerns about your loved one. For general company updates, please visit here or contact our corporate team at Ask Us message line: Questions@EcumenicalRetirement.org or 1-855-772-2734.

• Testing Protocols: We offer both PCR and rapid COVID-19 testing by on-campus trained nurses. In compliance with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and state DOH protocols, testing is conducted when an individual is experiencing symptoms or has had possible exposure. Residents and staff are notified directly if they will be included in any testing. Then upon receipt of results, we will inform individually any staff, residents and their families whose tests are positive, as we have in the past.

• COVID Vaccinations: We work with our pharmacy partners to offer the COVID vaccination and booster to new residents and co-workers who did not receive beforehand or at our onsite clinics.

• Mitigation efforts: The team will continue our infection control protocols including using our infection control equipment in addition to conducting our daily sanitizing efforts throughout the campus.

• Commitment to safety: We remain steadfast in our comprehensive clinical, direct-care and infection control protocols and measures to help reduce the spread of the virus and keep our residents and co-workers safe.

Thank you for your continued support.

Are you a designated resident family member and want to be notified of important information on campus? Designated resident family members can elect to receive email notifications directly. Click here to sign up for notifications.  NOTE:  Only residents’ authorized representative, attorney-in-fact or emergency contact can be added to the list.

For our visitation policy, click here


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